Sacraments for the Homebound


Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church parishioners who due to illness or other incapacity are regularly not able to make it to Mass may request Holy Communion be brought to them at home, the hospital or other living facility. The frequency in which we are able to bring Holy Communion to the homebound will depend upon the number of people requesting and the available deacons and acolytes.  

These homebound parishioners can also request a priest to come hear their confession. Generally we ask the frequency of requests for confession at home be limited to once per quarter for each visit.  

Parishioners may ask for the Anointing of the Sick from the priest for a serious illness, decline in health due to advanced age, or if undergoing general anesthesia for surgery.  If a parishioner has already been anointed for a particular illness or decline in health, they can request again as the illness or cause of decline progresses.  

Contact Info:

Please call  (210) 920-5205 and leave a message or email your details to [email protected]

Emergency Contact:

It the need for Sacraments is an emergency, please DO NOT call the above number.  
Call the Emergency Pastoral Care Hotline, which is (210) 370-7838.

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