Server Resources

Altar Server Schedule


  • Reverently assist clergy in offering the Holy Mass.
  • Learn and practice their serving roles, striving for precision and uniformity with the other servers according to the approved ceremonials
  • Take responsibility for their duties, before, during, and after Mass, leaving the Church more beautiful than when they arrived and prepare as much as possible for the next Mass

St. Stephen’s Guild Server Training Resources

  • Rubric
  • Diagrams
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Video Instruction



Greeters and Servers:  [email protected]

Additional Information:

General Server Training Videos for all servers:

The second link takes servers through the actions of the three servers at a said Mass (being a school Mass or any of the 5 pm or 7 a.m. Sunday Masses as well as any weekday parish Mass).

Said Mass training videos:

Booklet on how to be a holy server

Videos on general serving procedures

Reading and Chanting Resources 

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