Parish Choirs

Our parish Sacred Music program at Our Lady of the Atonement is steeped in reverent and beautiful history. The marriage of the English Christian traditions in full communion with the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church offers a liturgy that emphasizes reverence toward the liturgy, excellence in choral music, the use of the organ in worship, and congregational hymnody and psalmody, specifically by way of Anglican Chant.


In addition, a vibrant Parish Music Series offers sacred music concerts and liturgies, including a choral evensong series, the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, a Holy Week Meditations concert featuring major choral works, and performances by visiting ensembles and performers.


Mr. Alejandro Oliveros serves as the parish Director of Music. He is an alum of The Atonement Catholic Academy and is himself a product of the parish and academy music programs.


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